EMPERORFARI (The Powerful Warrior Sound) is a heavyweight Roots and Culture sound system from Leicester UK. Playing strictly vinyl in the traditional one deck style (original sound system way) with crystal clear high-fidelity quality and heartfelt bass from our custom-built sound system and controls. Come and experience sound system roots & culture from the sufferahs sound in pure heavyweight style. Who feels it know its……………………………..

The sound was created by Scee Naphtali in 2006 rapidly rising from strength to strength and gaining a massive following. After finishing from 22years in a family-owned business, he had time on to finally take up his passion and built a Roots Sound System with the added benefit of Scee’s late father being a Sound Engineer for Voice of Kenya & BBC, this invaluable sound engineering knowledge was handed down first hand, in addition Scee had been going to sound system gatherings since a very young age with his elder brothers all over UK.

We play roots-rock-reggae, dub & steppers music derived from reggae back in the early days. We play many specials commonly known as “Dubplates”, pre-releases and releases. we pride ourselves in mastering the art of playing a sound system and brining a unique vibe to the dances.

We also work with many roots singers and players of instruments who regularly play and sing live when Emperorfari is in session, we work very closely with music producers, this ensures various records are constantly being released on the EMPERORFARI RECORD LABEL, purchased through our online store www.emperorfari.com & all good online record shops worldwide.

Emperorfari have played with many sounds and in Festivals over UK – Europe – Worldwide / Channel One, Ma-Kaya, King Earthquake, Aba Shanti I, Jah Tubbys, Kilowatt, Word Sound & Power, Massai Warrior, Roots Injection, Hytal Bosra, Kindread, Papa Roots, Sceientis Sound, Lion Youth, Blackboard Jungle, Chalice Sound, Nyabin Sound, Welders, Lion Roots, Shamanie Sounds, Freedom Masses, Instrument of Jah, Jah Command, Killowatt Sound, Junior Blues, King Dread, Jah Voice, Roots Youths, Jah Yabbys, Negus Dub Warrior, Jah Hamma, Jah Lokko,Moa Anbessa, Lord Ambassador to mention a few as far too many to list all.
On behalf of all of the Emperorfari family, we would like to thank all our supporters, brothers and sisters, Roots Conference, players of instruments, promoters, music creators, studios and massively our fellow Sound Systems to keep Jah works going strong and continually bringing everyone together, united as one. Emperorfari is a Ras Tafari I sound, but everyone is welcome in the house of Ras Tafari as most people know.
Finally, for anyone who has never attended a Roots and Culture Sound System dance/session, we urge you to try and experience the upliftment and spiritual vibes for yourselves in a very safe environment with like-minded people spreading ONE LOVE

For bookings contact:

Scee 07802302920

E: scee@emperorfari.com

W: www.emperorfari.com